Legislative Updates

AHMA-PSW’s Affordable Housing News 05/30/18

  • Rent Control:  Petitions have been submitted to place rent control ordinances on the November ballot in the cities of Inglewood and National City.  Petitions are currently being circulated in the cities of Pomona, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Glendale and Pasadena.  AHMA-PSW will be hosting a Membership meeting in Los Angeles on July 11 with speakers who will address this issue.
  • The AHMA Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee held a meeting to establish priorities and discuss strategy during the Los Angeles Seminar.  The following issues were identified:
    • Begin advocacy at the Federal, State and Local levels.  The following issues were identified:
      • Rent control and the effect on affordable properties;
      • HR 3075-The Housing Accountability Act requiring regular surveys of Residents
      • HR 620-ADA Education and Reform Act which will prohibit “drive-by” lawsuits on accessability issues
      • HR 1661-The Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act which will revise certain tenant eligibility issues, and guarantee certain credit levels
      • The CA ballot measure to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act regarding rent control
      • CA S 721 which would require tri-annual inspections of all balconies by a licensed engineer
      • AZ S 1040 which would implement a fine for misrepresenting a pet as a service animal
      • CA HR 3152 which would grant a property tax welfare exemption to properties serving moderate income residents
      • CA AB 2618 which would create a certification for all property managers that they would be required to hold
      • CA AB 3194 which would require acceptance of third party payments for rent
      • CA AB 2343 which addresses Landlord retaliation, and calls for increased notice times to cure and to vacate.
      • Current use of tax payer funds to force jury trials for eviction in select counties in CA
      • Open Federal Register notices requesting comments on the Management and Occupancy Review Form (due 6/23); use of the CNA E Tool (due 6/11); and use of the Affirmitively Furthering Fair Housing Tool by PHAs and Local Governments (important because this could expand to private O/As when developing their AFHMP)

If these interest you and you wish to join our committee please email Kurt Aldinger, kaldinger@flagstaffaz.gov