Being involved in AHMA-PSW can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your professional career, not to mention personally. Serving with us provides you the opportunity to make an impact within our organization and towards the goal of affordable housing. It also connects you to with industry leaders and other like-minded individuals with similar goals of providing housing that fits the needs of everyone in society.

Why Join AHMA-PSW?

  • Your own reference desk. If you have a question on federal regulations, HUD handbooks or other issues, we can find the answer for you through reference or research.
  • We’re legislation watchdogs. We monitor proposed federal legislation and regulations on your behalf, and communicate with your elected representatives and/or government officials.
  • Proper Representation. If you’re experiencing problems or issues with an organization or agency, our Liaison Committee can represent your concerns by bringing it to the attention of the appropriate entity.
  • Connections at your fingertips. We have over 50 associate members from all industries available to help make your job easier. Everything from accounting and bookkeeping support, kitchen and laundry equipment, insurance, investments, security, computer software, screening services, windows and floor coverings, legal services, etc.
  • Consistent and Professional Ethics. Ethical behavior is professional behavior. We take our roles and responsibilities seriously as we work towards affordable housing. We represent a large network of people within AHMA-PSW and beyond, and will always put forth a professional face.
  • Recognition: As one of the leading housing nonprofits in the region, AHMA-PSW is a name many will recognize. When you work with us, you’ll be proud to be part of a nonprofit striving towards a great cause, and others will notice.


Different Types of Membership

Regular MembershipJoin easily online

Regular membership entails all the benefits mentioned above, meaning you’ll have access to invaluable resources and support from the AHMA-PSW network. Dues are just $450 / year plus service fees of $1.50 per affordable unit managed.

Associate Membership – Join easily online

For organizations that do not manage affordable housing units or properties, dues are $450 / year, without the per unit service fee. You’ll still have access to all the benefits included with Regular Membership.


How to Apply

Interested in joining?  We have two ways you can apply: download the form below, or fill it out online.

Apply for Membership Online

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