Welcome to AHMA-PSW!

Serving over 80-member management companies representing over 82,000 affordable housing units in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada.

As a member, serving with us provides you the opportunity to make an impact within our organization and towards the goal of affordable housing. It also connects you to with industry leaders and other like-minded individuals with similar goals of providing housing that fits the needs of everyone in society.

Why Join AHMA-PSW?

  • Discounted rates on training and events
  • Updated Certification and designation training: Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM), Fair Housing Center (FHC), Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO), Advanced Issues in HUD Occupancy (ACPO)
  • Affiliation with National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA), AHMA’s national organization in Washington, D.C.
  • Opportunity to directly affect State and Federal legislation.
  • Participation in committees that work directly with agencies in the administration and development of policies and produces; such as HUD, state housing finance agencies, tax credit its oversight entities and local housing authorities.

Different Types of Membership

Regular Membership (Owner/Agents)

Regular membership entails all the benefits mentioned above, meaning you’ll have access to invaluable resources and support from the AHMA-PSW network. Dues are just $450 / year plus service fees of $1.50 per affordable unit managed.

Associate Membership

For organizations that do not manage affordable housing units or properties, dues are $450 / year, without the per unit service fee. You’ll still have access to all the benefits included with Regular Membership.

How to Apply

Interested in joining? Use the online New Membership Application form to get started.

Already a member? Easily Renew your Application online and pay dues instantly.

Have a question?

Contact Jazmin Ceballos, Executive Director, at (866) 698-AHMA (2462).