Legislative Updates

AHMA-PSW’s Affordable Housing News 10/13/22

2022 was a very active season for advocacy for your Legs and Regs committee. For example, the bills listed below that AHMA-PSW took an active position were amended to our satisfaction or died.


    1. AB 2203 & SB 1335 Oppose – The two bills died
  1. AB1738 Oppose unless amended (the Board has stated that it should be up to the landlord or developer to decide if charging stations are necessary and how many). – At our request the bill was amended to remove the retrofit mandate to provide EV charging stations for each tenant.
  2. AB2383 Oppose unless amended. – The bill died
  3. SB1026 Oppose unless amended, carve out Affordable. – The bill died
  4. SB1157 Oppose (we have authority to oppose anything monitoring utilities). – As amended, we will not be the “water police.”
2023 we anticipate more bills regarding credit reporting, felons right to rent, rent registrations, EV charging stations, relocation assistance and more!


Come join our committee to help navigate and actively change the direction for our industry! New Members are always welcome!