Legislative Updates

AHMA-PSW’s Affordable Housing News 06/05/2020

  • A revised COVID-19 brochure, fact sheet was released by HUD on 5/26. The Q&A for COVID-19 can be accessed here and HUD’s COVID-19 Resources and Facts sheet can be viewed here.
  • A Red Alert was issued in early May concerning the Rental Assistance Bill and fixes needed for the CARES Act. The HEROES Act is also on the watch list.
  • To read the CDBG Program CARES Act Eviction Moratorium Q&As, please click here.
  • HUD Published Methodology for Round 2 Allocations of CDBG-CV CARES Act Funds. Details of this act can be accessed here.
  • Orange County California is now requiring face masks. Click here to read about Orange County’s health recommendations.
  • LA LOMOD info on MORs: As of May 22, 2020, HUD has allowed PBCAs to begin conducting MORs again. Per new HUD guidelines, we are asking that you provide the Compliance Specialist a separate space, such as a community room or empty unit/office, for the review of files. If you do not have this available, please let us know if there is an off-site location that can accommodate this. In addition, the Compliance Specialist will not be entering occupied resident’s units. Instead, HUD has requested that PBCAs contact residents by phone or email to ensure that cited repairs have been made. Therefore, you will be provided a list of units on the day of the MOR. You will need to provide to the Compliance Specialist the resident’s name and contact information (phone and/or email) at that time. We will still be inspecting vacant units at the property and open common areas. The safety of our staff and yours is our primary concern. LOMOD staff will be wearing Protective Personal Equipment (Masks and Gloves) at all times while they are on your property.  Should you have any questions regarding the return of MORs, please do not hesitate to contact Liliana Sanchez, Compliance Manager, at Liliana.sanchez@hacla.org.
  • HUD has issued Notice H20-4, Electronic Signature, and Transmission and Storage. This notice provides guidance to HUD Multifamily assisted housing industry partners on electronic signatures, electronic transmission and electronic storage of documents and forms required by HUD’s Office of Asset Management and Portfolio Oversight in the Office of Multifamily Housing Programs. Please click here to view the HUD Notice H 20-4.
  • TCAC Audits: At the CTCAC Working Group meeting last Wednesday Shannon Nardinelli and Elizabeth Gutierrez asked if AHMA-PSW could let their members know that CTCAC is doing desk audits and they looking for additional property management companies/owners to participate. They have several of the larger companies participating, but they need more. Otherwise there is a chance that CTCAC will have to schedule all of them at the end of the year, which would be a burden on everyone. If any company is interested, they can reach out to Shannon and Liz, Shannon.Nardinelli@treasurer.ca.govElizabeth.Gutierrez@treasurer.ca.gov. The IRS has not modified CTCAC’s requirement that they audit 1000 properties in 2020. The desk audits can help prevent a heavy audit schedule at the end of the year, which could be a burden on everyone. The desk audit consists of scanning files for a 30% audit selection (files are selected by CTCAC). The files are submitted to CTCAC via a secure File Transfer System such as Dropbox, ShareFile, FTP Today, ExaVault, etc. or a web-based system that requires a login.
  • On May 16, 2020, Urban Rehab #1 in Los Angeles, California was completely destroyed by a fire. The flames were so out of control that the fire department had to demolish the building in order to contain the spread. All twenty-four residents evacuated safely, however, the tenants lost their home and all their personal possessions. The twenty-four tenants need temporary housing immediately, yet cannot find available units in Los Angeles County. The property is searching for market-rate or Section 8 studio units which can accommodate former residents of Urban Rehab #1,  preferably within Los Angeles County. If any owner has any vacant studio units, please contact Blake Weddington, Portfolio Manager of Apartment Rental Assistance Inc. at blake@apartmentcorp.com and Angie Simmons, HUD Account Executive at angela.simmons@hud.gov, as soon as possible.
  • The TCAC workshops will now be presented as “Compliance Virtual Workshops.”  They are interactive and will include Polls and a Q&A Session. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion from TCAC for the Virtual Advanced Workshop, both sessions must be attended (attendance will be tracked) and at least a 75% response rate to the polls and exercises presented during the workshop must be completed. While the workshop will be accessible from both a smart phone and a computer, TCAC highly recommends using a computer to view the workshop, in order to more easily see the presentation and respond to polls and questions. Questions may be asked by either virtually “raising your hand” or typing your question into the chat window. TCAC is contacting those already enrolled in the original classes.