Foundation – 5k Virtual Run for the Month of September

The AHMA-PSW Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides academic and vocational scholarships to low income, at-risk youth and adult residents as a path to a brighter future.

Join the Foundation’s first ever 5K Virtual Run!

Let’s strengthen the community by connecting virtually as sponsors, individual runners, create our teams with our co-workers, friends and family.

It’s easy, just register and have fun!

Runner Bib

Virtual Run Bid

Runner Medal

Virtual Run Medal

Runner T-shirt

Vrun Shirt


Runner - $24.95

  • One Runner to participate in virtual 5K Run
  • Each runner will receive a medal & ribbon only

Souvenir T-Shirt - $15.00

  • T-Shirt Size: M, L, XL
  • XXL (Additional $2.oo)
  • Includes Shipping

Have any specific questions about the virtual run? Find our FAQs down below!

What is a virtual run?

A race that can take place anywhere and at any time based on what best suits your personal schedule. Participants can run, walk, bike, even swim the race distance wherever they want between the specified race dates. The world is your gym, use it any way you please.

Where do the funds from this virtual run go?

The funds go towards AHMA-PSW Foundation to provide academic and vocational scholarships to low income, at-risk youth and adult residents as a pathway to a brighter future.

How long is a 5k?

A 5k run is about 3.1 miles. Did you know that the average Disney park guest can easily walk 10 miles in a day’s visit?

When do I have to complete my virtual run?

AHMA-PSW Foundation’s There’s No Place Like Home virtual run does not have a single set run date or designated area where everyone must meet. This run starts September 15th and ends October 15th. You can start your run as soon as you register, just make sure to complete your run by October 15th and remember to share your experience by posting on the AHMA-PSW Facebook page with the following hashtags:
#­­­­­supportingourscholars #stayingfitwithahma #noplacelikehomerun

Where does the virtual run take place?

Anywhere you want! Embrace nature and run at your local park or walk to your local Starbucks and feel good about getting your usual drink. You can even do your virtual run on your treadmill at home!

Whether you choose to run around the neighborhood, walk at home, or walk around the entire office property to avoid your boss at work, you can complete your virtual run wherever you feel comfortable.

You have from September 15 – October 15 to record your time and share your run experience with our followers on Facebook!

How much is registration and what does it include?

The $24.95 registration fee includes a running bib and Ruby Red Slipper medal. Both can be worn while completing your virtual run!

To add to your swag, purchase the AHMA-PSW Foundation’s virtual run commemorative t-shirt for $15.00 – $17.00 down below!

How do I register?

Simple, just click on the registration button located below. Don’t wait, register today!

How do I track and submit my virtual run activity?

After registering for the There’s No Place Like Home virtual run, track and submit your virtual run activity by posting on the AHMA-PSW Facebook page.

The run is on the honor system, use your phone or any fitness device or app to record your virtual run activity. Whether you complete your virtual run in one go or over several days, all you need to do is post a picture of your activity to the AHMA-PSW Facebook page with the following hashtags:
#­­­­­supportingourscholars #stayingfitwithahma #noplacelikehomerun

Do I have to run the full 5k?

No, you do not have to run the whole 5K run. Walk one day, run the next, or stroll your last half mile, whatever fitness fashion best suits you!

What exercises count towards my run?

Whether walking your dog or mowing the lawn, all fitness activity counts toward your virtual run. Do you usually walk or run on your treadmill at home? Now you have a plan already set in place to complete your virtual run.

For our more advanced runners, do you usually go running on the weekends? Perfect, cross that virtual finish line at full speed! If you are moving and exercising, you can apply your fitness efforts towards your virtual run.

Do I have to do the run alone?

Did Dorothy venture to the Emerald City alone? Of course not!

Invite your family, friends, coworkers, and fitness buddies to join you on your virtual run. Feel free to create your own team so that everyone can enjoy this fitness journey with you. This is a great way to stay connected with your group while participating in a meaningful cause.

Everyone is welcome! Don’t let your Auntie Em and Uncle Henry feel left out, invite all of your friends and family to join in on the fun. Bring Toto along too!

How do I let people know I am participating in this virtual run?

Show off your fitness journey by posting pictures to social media throughout your virtual run. Take pictures of you wearing your There’s No Place Like Home t-shirt, with your racing bib and/or medal, and show us where your virtual run is taking place.

Remember to use the following hashtags when posting your pictures to the AHMA-PSW Facebook page:
#­­­­­supportingourscholars #stayingfitwithahma #noplacelikehomerun 

Let everyone see your virtual run accomplishments and the good that you are doing!

When will I receive my bib, medal, and/or t-shirt?

Your runner bib will automatically be sent to your email after you have registered for the run. If you register by September 18, the official There’s No Place Like Home medal will be shipped out by September 22.

Don’t forget to purchase a commemorative t-shirt! If you order your t-shirt by September 16, then the shirts will be shipped out by September 22.

If you have additional questions or need more information, email or call 1.866.698.2462.


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