Legislative Updates

AHMA-PSW’s Weekly Affordable Housing News 06/28/18

  • In response to hybrid project questions from prospective applicants, TCAC has made some general guidance available on our website: Hybrid Application Guidance Webpage . Please contact your regional analyst  with questions. For more information, visit our website at: California Tax Credit Allocation Committee
  • There has been a change in the REAC protocol for overgrown vegetation in the October, 2017 Compilation Bulletin. Vegetation growing in gutters will now be considered overgrown vegetation. This compilation bulletin also changed the wording on stair counts to read risers-meaning landings also count to determine if a handrail is required. Another new term added was not industry standard. This can result in point deductions for repairs that have been made, but it is apparent that there is a repair.
  • HUD has issued a request for comments on the final rule for the Disparate Impact in Fair Housing ruling. AHMA-PSW will be formulating comments on this to try and influence a final rule that will give us firm and reasonable guidance on this issue. If you wish to be part of this process please contact Kurt Aldinger at kaldinger@flagstaffaz.gov.