Legislative Updates

AHMA-PSW’s Affordable Housing News 9/13/18

  • TCAC has updated the TICQ to include a question (#18) on EBT, Debit Visa or MasterCard accounts that are provided for income such as Social Security wages, Unemployment, Public Assistance, disability, etc. Beginning in January of 2019, TCAC will begin verifying that all new move-in’s and recertifications as of January 1st are using the updated TICQ form.
  • CA AB 2343 has been signed into law by the Governor. The final bill clarified that when a tenant is served with a forcible detainer notice the days that they have to respond are business, not calendar days.
  • CTCAC has posted the September 19, 2018 Meeting Agenda
  • HUD has published the Final Rule for implementation of the Public Housing Income Limit (at Recertification) which prohibits subsidy to Residents whose adjusted income exceeds 120% AMI for two consecutive Annual Recertifications. This means that effected Residents would either incur a sharp rent increase based on FMRs, or would have tenancy terminated. The Final Rule is located at https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=HUD-2016-0136-0014.
  • AHMA’s Legislative Advocate, Ron Kingston reports that California SB 845 which would impose a “voluntary” tax on all water bills has been defeated. The purpose of this tax was to address issues surrounding contaminated drinking water in the Central Valley. AHMA-PSW opposed this measure because it required each water user to opt out on a monthly basis to not pay the “voluntary” tax.