Legislative Updates

AHMA-PSW’s Affordable Housing News 07/19/18

  • Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System – Old or Missing Data  HUD has been advised that a number of owners/agents (O/As) are encountering old or missing data when attempting to view EIV reports for some or all of their properties. We are aware of the errors and are working to correct the issues in the system. O/As experiencing these issues must refer to Chapter 5-13 of HUD Handbook 4350.3 for the hierarchy of acceptable forms of verification. For compliance monitoring purposes, copies of the incorrect EIV reports must be retained. We apologize for this inconvenience and will advise when the issue has been corrected.
  • The California Democratic Party is overwhelmingly in agreement on endorsing the pro-rent control Proposition Ten, the Local Rent Control Initiative. Yesterday’s endorsement of the statewide Affordable Housing Act means state Democrats are in favor of repealing the anti-rent control Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995 and return power to regulate rents to local communities. Costa-Hawkins currently allows landlords to raise the rent as much as they want when a unit becomes vacant. For the upcoming November 8th election:  — A YES vote supports allowing local governments to adopt rent control, repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.  — A NO vote opposes the initiative, thus keeping the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and continuing to prohibit local governments from enacting rent control on certain buildings.
  • NAHMA has learned that HUD is undertaking an evaluation of the effectiveness of the MOR form and process. NAHMA believes our members are in a unique position to offer insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the MOR form and process, and we have created a survey to collect member feedback. (Thanks to NAHMA’s Regulatory Affairs Committee, who participated in the pilot version of the survey.) In particular, NAHMA members are invited to submit feedback on what aspects of the MORs they think are best at capturing the “true status” of a property and its level of compliance, and conversely, what takes a lot of time to prepare but does not necessarily convey meaningful information. When possible, please reference MOR form sections (example: Desk Review, question #23). Form HUD-9834 can be found online herePlease respond regarding the overall MOR form and process (not a specific score or issue related to a specific property, unless providing an example). This survey is estimated to take less than 15 minutes to complete. Please note that information is submitted anonymously and will not impact property status, NAHMA membership, HUD or USDA relations, etc. Please submit the survey by Friday, August 3, 2018. The survey can be accessed here:https://www.nahma.org/agencies/mor-feedback-survey/